Ryuuko Dojo / Five Element Shiatsu

Greetings!  This site is for both Ryuuko Dojo and Five Element Shiatsu, each of which are located in Scarborough, Ontario.  Ryuuko Dojo, (founded in 2005), deals with martial arts instruction in several different styles;  Gogyo Goshin-jitsu, Budo-taijutsu (Ninjutsu), and Qi-gong.  Five Element Shiatsu, (founded in 2013), is a multi-modality clinic using Shiatsu, Tuina, Reflexology and Medical Qi-gong to help people to deal with their health issues.    

It has long been my personal belief that in order to be a well-rounded martial artist, or warrior if you will, one must also be a healer.  I have thus strived in my over 35 years in the martial arts to also learn as much as I can about human anatomy and physiology,  eastern and western medicine, manual therapy, and energy work.   Below are the services offered by Ryuuko Dojo and Five Element Shiatsu, both owned by myself, John Dempsey.  For more information on either business, see the page links at the top of this page. 


Whether you are looking to get into shape, learn some new skills, or to get help with a health issue, Ryuuko Dojo and Five Element Shiatsu have you covered.  Below is a list of the services offered.  Please browse the pages at the top to see more details on these  services.

1. Private or Semi-private Lessons (Gogyo Goshin-jitsu, Self-defense, Fitness, Qi-Gong, Ninjutsu)

2. Shiatsu or Medical Qi-gong Therapy

3.  Foot Reflexology Treatments

4.  Qi-Gong for Wellness Course

5.  VIP Special (combo private lesson/therapy session)